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The Hotel Cisterna in Rome...

a charming and characteristic budget hotel in the Trastevere area, is a real gem of a hotel that you will want to come back to no matter what your budget!

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The Hotel Cisterna is situated on Viale della Cisterna, 7-8-9. Click here for directions and a map to the hotel to avoid getting lost!

The Cisterna Hotel is ideal for travellers on a budget, with competitive rates and all the modern comforts that one could want in this fully renovated hotel. The blend of ancient seen in the interior of the hotel in the exposed brick, wood beamed ceilings and typical Cotto floor with the modern, air conditioning and satellite television, are attributes that will add to making your stay at the Hotel Cisterna a pleasurable one.

The family run Hotel Cisterna provides clean and cosy low cost accommodation, in a relaxed atmosphere, situated in the Trastevere area of Rome, the most characteristic part of ancient Rome. Staying in one of the oldest hotels in the city, in an area that oozes atmosphere with its narrow cobbled streets, quaint squares, cafes, restaurants and markets yet in walking distance to the Colosseum, the Vatican and other important monuments and museums, will make your time spent in Rome unforgettable.

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The money that you save on the hotel rates will allow you to further explore the incredible city of Rome right on the doorstep of the hotel. Just round the corner from the hotel is the beautiful piazza Santa Maria, full of cafes and restaurants and daily markets which you can visit during the day.

For those of you looking for action at night the neighbourhood is excellent for its nightlife and the fabulous street performances and evening activities that take place all year round. Further afield, and within walking distance, taking you through parts of Rome you would never otherwise discover, are the monuments and museums that have given Rome its name as the Eternal City – the Vatican, Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica to name just a few.

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